No Democracy Here

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No Democracy Here is a live interactive performance which was created by Liad Hussein Kantorowicz and performed on the streets and at the voting polls in the cities of Be’er Sheva and Tel Aviv during the Israeli elections of January 2013. The goal of this live performance is to challenge the public perception of ‘democracy’ and ‘the only democracy in the Middle East’ as it is presented through the process of participating in the public elections.

The performance portays Liad plays a  radical-left-leaning dominatrix which engages in ‘political domination’ with her right-wing-leaning slaves, played by Shlomi Fogel, Yosefa Mckaiton, and Dan Veg. In it, she conducts re-education to leftist morals and ethics like freedom of speech, freedom of expression, economic justice and human rights by means of bdsm practices like humiliation, submission, and the administration of pain. On election day she takes the the slaves for stroll to the voting poles and forces them to engage in the ultimate political bdsm session – voting, but only for the ‘correct’ political party, one that reflects her wishes and stands in stark opposition to theirs. The general public, which serves as a witness, interacts and reacts to the political domination and the questions that it poses in its own unpredictable ways.

This interactive performances wishes to explore the meaning of ‘consent’ and ‘free will’, which are frequently in a bdsm-context, and applies them to the context of democracy and public political processes.

The performance was filmed with the kind help of Ayelet Albenda, Keren Manor and Kerem Blumberg, and is currently in the editing process with editor Imri Kahn. It will be released as a short film.

here’s a preview from the recently-finished Kickstarter Campaign:

And another short teaser:

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