Wow, it’s been forever since i posted any updates. Well, 2020 hasn’t been too kind and derailed many of us off track, to say the least. I’ve actually been studiously at work, but i’ve been feeling a bit unready to show all of the new projects i’m working on. well – it’s time to start dropping it all at once.
first up: ‘When You Died, the City Died with You’, the epic essay that provided the backbone to my performance of the same name is now released in a book. Minor Cosmopolitan compiles diverse talks, texts, exhibitions and presentations that appeared at a 3-day event of the same name and that tackle the issue of what cosmopolitanism could still be, after all its failures, from a minor perspective. Edited by Zairong Xiang, available on Diaphanes Press here, or through me at a special price.

As this year comes to an end, I’d like to revisit an extensive interview that the incredible Demented Goddess – an online publication about art and culture focusing on gender issues – published with me earlier this year. It’s possibly the best interview published with me in years! thank you Demented Goddess! You can find it here.

Happy to announce that NO DEMOCRACY HERE will be shown twice more (at least!) this year:
On December 14th as a part of Excentrico Festival and in cooperation with FAE-Festival de Arte Erotico in Santiago, Chile. “The Excentrico program for the Erotic Art Festival 2019 brings together a set of films whose critical points vary, but share a political-pornographic reflection on the processes of racialization, colonization and construction of national identities and sovereignties. An assembly of political reflections on migration specially selected in the framework of the call for the 4th edition of FAE, which revolves around borders and bodily transits.” Money will be raised for organizations working with those wounded in the demonstrations of the last few months. Revolutionary program with a secret location but info available here and here and here.
On December 26th NO DEMOCRACY HERE will be shown for the first time in Tel Aviv and presented by the group Revolution Cinema. Because it is indeed a revolutionary film in a country with no democracy, the screening is semi-underground. send an email to if you’re around and want to attend.
there’s a chance of more screenings in Tel Aviv or the area. And: I want to thank you all for showing this film in over 18 different locations over the last year!

So NO DEMOCRACY HERE won a Special Mention at the Porny Days film Festival in Zurich! Here’s what the judges said: For its clever and deeply-physical political BDSM play – For breaking boundaries between performance, democracy, sex and political activism – for creating a disruptive space for spectatorship, for both the audience we see on the street and the audience we sit along side in the cinema.” A big thank you Porny Days Festival!

What a month full of action is november! NO DEMOCRACY HERE will be screened 4 more times in 3 more places:

on Friday 15.11.2019 at the Heinrich-Heine University in Dusseldorf presented by the LesBi Referat AstA, Germany, accompanied by a talk by me called ‘Political BDSM and the Pillars of Democracy’. free! all the info here.
At the Porny Days Festival in Zurich, On Friday and Saturday, 29-30.11.2019, where the film will be participating in the short film competition. check out their beautiful website and entire program here.
and – at the always-spectacular-and-mindblowing party Room4Resistance in Berlin, celebrating their 5-year anniversary at Trauma Bar and Kino. I’ll be presenting the film and doing q&a. come early! more info here.


two more screenings of NO DEMOCRACY HERE coming up over a single weekend:

On 05-06.10.2019 the film will participate at the 12. Luststreifen Film Festival in Basel, participating in the documentary shorts competition. Full information about the festival’s program here.

And – NO DEMOCRACY HERE will also participate at the Scottish Queer International Festival in Glasgow on 05.10.2019, in the ‘Some like it Rough’ shorts program, at the Centre for Contemporary Arts. full festival program here.

Two great pieces of news for September:
1. NO DEMOCRACY HERE will premiere in Jerusalem on September 4th in Imbala! Info here, and it’s constantly being updated. And, as mentioned, it will also be screened at Ars Electronica Festival on September 8th. It will be as a part of the Unfinished Porn program in Stadtwerkstatt, Linz. Full program for the event here.
2. I’m proud to make my dramaturgical debut, working on a performance piece performance piece by migrant sex workers from Vienna’s organization Red Edition. It’s called ‘We Work!‘ and will premiere in the WienWoche Festival in Vienna on September 23rd. Most up-to-date info can be found here. and it’s free. Looking forward!


As promised: info about the upcoming NO DEMOCRACY HERE screening at the PopPorn Festival in Sao Paolo this upcoming weekend! Saturday and Sunday, 18.08 & 17.08 both at 19:00 under the title Pornfilmfestival Berlin Apresenta. No Esponja, Rua Vieira Carvalho 191-192 Andar. More info here.

Also: Watch out for some screenings of NO DEMOCRACY HERE in Palestine-Israel this upcoming September and at Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria at Stadtwerkstatt on September 8th. More info on those: soon.

More exciting screenings for my film NO DEMOCRACY HERE:
1. Finally in Berlin again at the (anti)-csd party Room 4 Resistance/Lecken/Mina on July 26th at Polygon Club. event info here.
2. In Brazil again at the PopPorn festival in Sao Paolo, august 16-18. Watch this space for more info.


In July i’m not performing or showing anything for once. Instead, I’ll be recording my first EP!!!!

On August 2st I’ll be performing parts of PUSSY in Impulstanz festival, and speaking, and showing my film, as a headliner on a bill dedicated to the topics of sexuality as a performative practice, and sex work, activism and art. here’s a link. and a facebook event, which has more in-depth info.

More upcoming screenings for NO DEMOCRACY HERE in June!

Hamburg: the film will be screened at the 35. Kurzfilmfestival Hamburg under the program Labor der Gegenwart1: Pleasure Rebels: Feminism, Sex and Anarchy, on Sunday June 9th at 21:30. full info here
Munich: The film will be screened at Nachtschatten BDSM+Fetisch Filmfest, on Saturday 22.06 at 6pm and Wednesday 26.06 at 8pm. Full info here.


Next Saturday June 1st Berlin will commemorate International Sex Workers’ Day (generally celebrated on June 2nd) by a series of events. They will include a Sex Workers’ Parade, a finissage to the Objects of Desire exhibition and later on – a Sex Workers’ party. I’ll be performing my new piece UNIDENTIFIED, about inscribing the new law of forced-registration of sex workers in Germany on your our bodies and histories, at the finissage at the Schwules Museum. Marianne Chargois will also perform ‘The Golden Flute”. Info about the finissage and performance here. Info about the entire day’s program here.


So excited that I’ll be coming to London for the first time in years to perform and present my work!! I’ll be presenting my film NO DEMOCRACY HERE on friday May 17th – you can get tickets for it here – and I’ll be performing PUSSY on Sunday May 19th- you can get tickets for it here. All of it as a part of the Uncensored Festival London, an important event in its own right. See its entire program here.


More exciting spring news:

I got a brand-new mid-length performance coming your way! UNIDENTIFIED is a body-and-text-based performance dealing with the subject of Berlin sex workers’ relationship to the so-called ‘Whore ID’, a new mandatory registration and identification law. Performance examines the sex workers’ sites of compliance and resistance to the law. It’s a part of the Objects of Desire Exhibition at the Schwules Museum Berlin, running now til June 6th.
The performance premieres Friday April 26th and repeats on Saturday, June 1st. Tickets: here.

I’m very excited that my film NO DEMOCRACY HERE will make its UK premiere at the London Porn Film Festival on April 26th! it will be headlining the “Fierce Femmes” program! A link to the program can be found here, tickets to the event and practical info can be found here and info to the festival in its entirety can be seen here.


Spring is almost upon us and with it – a ton of news about upcoming appearances!
First of: my film NO DEMOCRACY HERE will screen at several festivals. First off: its austrian debut at the 2nd Annual Vienna Porn Film Festival! The film will be a part of the Political Shorts program on April 6th, and I’ll be there live to present it! the film is also nominated for Best International Film! program is here.
Next: NO DEMOCRACY HERE‘s UK premiere at the London Porn Film Festival! Friday, April 26th, as a part of the Fierce Femmes program, which is to be found in its entirety here.
more screenings and performances to be announced soon!

My ever-so-talented musical partner Kalpour just released a video for a song he co-wrote with Breezy called “The Breeze”, in which yours truly is also featured. I’m honored to have worked with these talented individuals, plus many more, in the making of this video, which you can watch here.

I’m proud to have my film NO DEMOCRACY HERE be featured at the courageous Pembe Hayat Quirfest: Pink Life Queerfest in Istanbul January 26th, followed by the discussion “A Good Citizen, Elections, A whip”. Within the course of the festival I’ll be also participating in the talk “Challenges, Chances and Changes” about political performance art with Maria Dolores, Hülya Dolaş and Leman Sevda Darıcıoğlu, at Drama Queer in Tarlabaşı, Istanbul, on Friday 25.01.2019 at 19:00. More screening information follow this link.


Austria, here I come! I’m proud to Present PUSSY in my first ever performance in the country! The performance will take place in Taxispalais Kunsthalle Tirol, as a part of their SEX program.  This Friday, 18.01.2019 and free! all details here.

I’m honored to perform in my homeland for the first time in 7 years. My performance PUSSY will be performed for the first time in Palestine-Israel this upcoming Friday December 28th, at the infamous Kabareet. Full details here.

A very last-minute addition: NO DEMOCRACY HERE will be presented for the first time in France at the OnlyPorn festival in Lyon tonight. check out their lovely film and performance program here.

I’m humbled to present WHEN YOU DIED, THE CITY DIED WITH YOU, a performance-reading about my relationship with Tim Stüttgen and Berlin as a threesome. This is a first public showing of material set to become a full-length performance. It is a part of the Minor Cosmopolitan Weekend program. December 7th, 21:45, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin at the Hischfeld Bar. Additional info here


I’m very excited to announce that NO DEMOCRACY HERE will be a part of the International Short Film Competition at the Janela Internacional de Cinema do Recife, Brazil, on November 7-11. See the list of participating films, location and times here.


Get ready for the Berlin premiere of NO DEMOCRACY HERE at the Porn Film Festival! the film will see three screenings in the ‘Political Porn Shorts’ program: Wednesday 24.10.18 at 12:15, Saturday 27.10.18 at 23:15, and Tuesday 30.10.18 at 22:00, all at Movimento Kino. Tickets here.


On October 10th-14th the 4th Queer Porto Film Festival will take place, and I’m happy to be their special guest! My film NO DEMOCRACY HERE will be screened on October 14th. I’ll be performing PUSSY. AN ONGOING PERFORMATIVE RESEARCH on October 12th at Maus Habitos. And I’ll be judging the main competition! looking forward to it!

Very proud that my film NO DEMOCRACY HERE has been selected to be screened at the next Berlin Porn Film Festival on 23-28.10.2018. Stay tuned for updates and actual screening times.


I’m happy to announce that my new full-length solo performance PUSSY. AN ONGOING PERFORMATIVE RESEARCH will finally premiere at the KW’s MasturBar, as a part of the 10th Berlin Biennale. The performance will show twice, on 26.07.2018 and on 23.08.2018. It’s free!! More information on times, my collaborators etc – here and here. More info about Fabiana Faleiro’s MasturBar at the Biennale here and here.


A video of my performative-reading of my piece The Benefit of Blindness is now available online, for those who couldn’t make it to the extremely successful and sold-out event at Brauni on February 11th, alongside Jackie Walker’s play “The Lynching”. The video isn’t perfect and beginning is cut off, but since the response to it was so overwhelmingly excited, i decided to make the documentation available here.


I’m proud to announce that at long last, my film NO DEMOCRACY HERE will see its world premiere at CPH:DOX festival in Copenhagen. The premiere will take place on March 15th, with two more screenings afterwards and during the festival. More information and tickets here


On Friday February 16th The short film “Embellishments” that I co-created with Benjamin Ramirez Perez will be shown at Lovesome, an art event including films, performances and installations dealing with the theme of love. The event will be in the ex-Australian Embassy in Berlin. More information here.

This upcoming Sunday February 11th I’ll be performing a short performative reading “The Benefit of Blindness”, opening for Jackie Walker’s play “The Lynching” in an evening that will focus on the silencing of poc, arab, non-german and jewish activists in Germany and beyond. Mona Moon and Mohammad Abu Hajar will also perform.
19:00, Braunschweiger Strasse 53-55 Berlin. More info here.


I’m very happy to announce that I’ll be performing my hour-long anti-climactic durational piece A BIT OF PEACE twice in the next two weeks:
On Sunday December 3rd at Athens Museum of Queer Arts AMOQA, Athens. Event info here.
On Saturday December 9th at Uferstudios/ ada Studios, Berlin. Event info here and here and here.
And a trailer here.

03.03-20.11.2017 – NOTE – updates needed. missing information.

There’s a period of time in which this section hasn’t been updated, and during it I’ve co-curated an exhibition at Berlin’s NGBK gallery, exhibited a video performance there, hosted and curated a series of events within the exhibition, and had a film of mine pre-screened at the Chouftouhonna festival in Tunis. I’ll try to update this section asap, for archival sake . in the meantime:
follow me on my facebook artist page or on my Instagram

and get regular updates as to my whereabouts.


Check out the beautiful photos of my performance last week from Ich Bin Eine Berlinerlin at SO36 which were taken for Siegessäule by Sally B. you can see them here and here, or look at the entire gallery


Very happy to announce my last-minute jump-in to the lineup of the all-female women’s day edition of the notorious Ich Bin Ein Berliner event at SO36 this upcoming friday night. I’ll be doing a bite-size version pieces from my latest performance TERRORIST SUPERSTARS. Full event lineup is here.


This upcoming International Women’s Day I’ll be doing one one of 40 (!!!) feminist mini-performances to commemorate feminism and Anna Muelter’s 40th birthday. This will take place at Sophiensaele, and it’s an open and free event. Full details here.


I’m very proud to present the premiere of my full-length performance TERRORIST SUPERSTARS, which a part of Sodaworks 2016 and is produced with the kind support of the HTZ‘s Solo/Dance/Authorship MA program. The show will premiere December 11th and 12th at Uferstudios at 8pm. Full program can be found here and here.


I’m performing for the first time in Berlin’s Hebbel Am Ufer Theater HAU1. This upcoming weekend Meg Stuart and Maria F. Scaroni are organizing a 5-day collaborative improvisational event CITY LIGHTS.  The opening night event, however, is different and will feature researcher Tanya Singer and Myself. I’ll be doing a short performance, showing a part of my upcoming film NO DEMOCRACY HERE and hosting a talk about my political and performative strategies.


 This Saturday I’ll be speaking at Maxim Gorki Theater’s Studio R at a 3-day event called Desintegration. ein Kongress about diverse and progressive jewish voices and identity in Germany. I’ll be participating in a panel dealing with potential alliances between jews and other minorities. More info about it here. More info about the event here and here.


I’ll be performing my piece WATCH ME WORK at this year’s La Fete Du Slip festival in Lausanne, Switzerland on March 5th. Check out the full program here.


Happy to announce that the Kickstarter-fundraising campaign for the film NO DEMOCRACY HERE is successfully completed! We started the editing process already, and the film will be hopefully done by April…


Haaretz paper in Hebrew wrote an article about the performance artist and sex worker Queenie Bon Bon and sex work and performance art. In it, i’m interviewed along with Annie Sprinkle and Caoimhe Mader McGuinness. See it here.


At long last I’ve begun a Kickstarter fundraising campaign to finance the editing and post-production of the film NO DEMOCRACY HERE. Support here!! And watch the great short video too.  You have until February 21. I hope to edit in February already.


Pedro Marum wrote a review of the event PORNTUBES: SHARING THE EXPLICIT for the website Furtherfield, which also contains a review of my and PG Macioti’s presentation about sex work in the age of the internet. You can read it here.


The full video from the event PORNTUBES: SHARING THE EXPLICIT is now available online, and it includes my and PG Macioti’s presentation about the role of the internet in shaping how the sex industry operates today. You can see it here. It’s long! our presentation starts at 1:12:20.


Ulf Schleth wrote a review on his blog (in german) of the event PORNTUBES: SHARING THE EXPLICIT, in which PG Macioti and myself presented about the role of the internet in shaping how the sex industry operates today. The entry also contains an audio recording of our presentation, along with the entire panel. You can read and hear it here.


I’m proud to be presenting a joint paper with PG Macioti about the role of the internet in shaping how the sex industry operates today at PORNTUBES: SHARING THE EXPLICIT on October 31st inKunstquartier Bethanien in Berlin. The event is presented by the Disruption Network Lab Berlin.


Shaka McGlotten, an american scholar who’s been working on the issue of political drag, has just published an article called THE POLITICAL AESTHETICS OF DRAG on In it he explains his subject of research through a thorough examination and analysis of my work as a performer.


On october 7th I’ll be performing my piece FLIRTING WITH TERRORISM: SURVIVAL TACTICS at Milena Berlin‘s RAUMumDICHTUNG 4. The event will take place at the unlikely location of Zum Goldenen Hahn in Berlin. Kostja Cello Front will also be performing.


Yesterday i participated in a sex workers’ demo against a proposed law that will force all sex workers to register with the authorities, in front of the Ministry for Family Affairs in Berlin, in which i also gave a speech. The media was also there to write about it and to take picture of us, which you can see here and here.


Yony Leyser’s film DESIRE WILL SET YOU FREE, in which i also play a small part, will be seeing its world premiere on August 28th at the Montreal Film Festival. Watch this space for information about further screenings.


In addition to my performance at the festival ARE YOU FOR REAL? UMA VIAGEM AFROFUTURISTA DO BLAXPLOITATION AS UTOPIAS QUEER VISUAIS E SONORAS, i’ll also be making a book presentation for IN A QU*A*RE TIME AND PLACE by Tim Stüttgen. The book-presentation-event will take place at Galeria Ze Dos Bois on July 9th. It is presented by the Queer Lisboa Festival in Lisbon. You can find an invite for it here.


I’ll be performing the piece RUNNING/THE BETTER HALF on a joint performance evening shared with Vaginal Davis at Galeria Ze Dos Bois in Lisbon on July 5th. The evening is a part of the festival ARE YOU FOR REAL? UMA VIAGEM AFROFUTURISTA DO BLAXPLOITATION AS UTOPIAS QUEER VISUAIS E SONORAS which is hosted by the Queer Lisboa Festival in Lisbon. Full festival program can be found here and here.


A video of my presentation ORGANIZING FOR SEX WORKERS’ RIGHTS IN GERMANY: STRATEGIES AND CHALLENGES from last month’s conference WEAK RESISTANCE: EVERYDAY STRUGGLES AND THE POLITICS OF FAILURE is now online! watch it here, along with all other video presentation from the event.


On June 6th I’ll be presenting on the topic of sex workers’ struggles in Germany at a panel on stigma- and anti-stigma-oriented organizing, which is a part of the GENDER AND MIGRATION CONFERENCE, held and organized by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in Berlin.


I’ll be presenting the paper ORGANIZING FOR SEX WORKERS’ RIGHTS IN GERMANY: STRATEGIES AND CHALLENGES at a conference called WEAK RESISTANCE: EVERYDAY STRUGGLES AND THE POLITICS OF FAILURE on may 27th at The Institute for Cultural Inquiry in Berlin (ICI). Full conference information can also be found here.


I’m honored to have taken a part in the queer-trans porn short film HELLO TITTY, directed Skyler Braeden Fox and Idan Sagiv Richter. It’s out now! First screenings are in Berlin on March 24th and Montreal on March 25th. You can see the trailer here, and check this space for information about future screenings.


I’ll be giving a performance-lecture titled QU*A*RE TEMPORALITIES – BEING WITH TIMI, which will be a part of an extended workshop called QU*A*RE TEMPORALITIES, held collectively by myself, Nico Siepen, Margarita Tsomou and Diedrich Diederichsen. The workshop is dedicated to the book IN A QU*A*RE TIME AND PLACE by Tim Stüttgen, and is a part of the conference THINKING TOGETHER: THE POLITICS OF TIME at the Berliner Festspiele.


Buzzfeed did an article reviewing the best of this year’s transgender art and culture, in which Tobaron Waxman’s exhibition WATCH ME WORK: WOMEN AND QUEER ECONOMIES which featured my performance WATCH ME WORK (and was named after it) from September of this year is prominently featured! read it here.


Caty Simon just did an interview with artist Juniper Fleming about her project Reclamation and (Dis)Atonement  for the blog Tits and Sass. Fleming recreates classical art pieces which include a wide definition of sex workers by using modern day sex workers and photographing them. I’m honored to have worked with Juniper, and you can even see the piece in which I’m featured in this article.


Tim Stüttgen‘s book IN A QU*A*RE TIME AND PLACE: POST-SLAVERY TEMPORALITIES, BLAXPLOITATION, AND SUN RA’S AFROFUTURISM BETWEEN INTERSECTIONALITY AND HETEROGENEITY just came out on the Berlin publishing house b_books, in collaboration with the Royal Danish Academy of Arts and Autonomedia Publishing in the U.S. I’m honored to have taken part in its collective editing process as a part of the Tim Stüttgen Archiv. You can also get it here.


The Institute for Cultural Inquiry in Berlin (ICI) have uploaded a video of Shaka McGlotten’s talk THE POLITICAL AESTHETICS OF DRAG in which he brilliantly analyses my work to their servers! you can see it here.


The Global Network of Sex Worker Projects (NSWP) wrote about German sex workers challanging proposals to a new prostitution law, the SEXARBEITS KONGRESS which was held in Berlin last month, and my opening speech in it. You can read it here.


The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in Berlin has uploaded a video of my public talk with Melissa Gira Grant. You can see it in its entirety on youtube here.


A last-minute change made me the host and moderator of a public talk with Melissa Gira Grant, who’s book Playing the Whore has just been translated into german. The talk is in english, tonight at the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in Berlin.


Alja Lobnik of Radio Student in Ljubljana did a review of the City of Women festival in which my piece WATCH ME WORK is extensively reviewed. read or listen to it here.


American queer scholar Shaka McGlotten is currently working on the topic of political drag, and i’m one of his subjects of research! on October 15th he’ll be giving a talk at the Institute for Cultural Inquiry in Berlin called POLITICAL AESTHETICS OF DRAG, which will feature three performers, amongst which is yours truly. The invites are here and here.


Neža Mrevlje of wrote an article about WATCH ME WORK in slovenian which you can read here


City of Women festival just did a great edited video of my performance  WATCH ME WORK at their festival. You can watch it on their website or on Vimeo.


Happy to announce that I’ll be performing WATCH ME WORK at this year’s City of Women festival in Ljubljana on October 2nd. Info about the performance here and here.


The TAGESSPIEGEL wrote an article about the SEXARBEITS KONGRESS, which extensively quotes from my speech at this event. Check it out here.


I’m giving a talk at the SEXARBEITS KONGRESS in Berlin on September 24th. It’s called ‘PROSTITUTION – LÜCKEN ZWISCHEN REALITÄT UND ÖFFENTLICHER WAHRNEHMUNG’. For the full program, see here.


The exhibition WATCH ME WORK: WOMEN AND QUEER ECONOMIES in Cologne’s BBK Matjoe Galerie will feature my performance WATCH ME WORK and even named the exhibition after it! The exhibition will feature an artist talk with yours truly on September 17th. the performance is at September 24th.


I’ll be performing tonight in Berlin at Möbel Olfe at a benefit event for the Peer Projekt by Hydra, a sex workers’ project which i co-founded. Details about tonight here.


Haaretz‘s Moshe Kutner did a feature article on me. It’s in Hebrew, it’s called ליעד קנטורוביץ מציגה: עבודת מין כפי שהיא באמת. You can see it here.


German Television 3SAT Kulturzeit made my piece WATCH ME WORK a center feature in their review of Kampnagel‘s   ‘Fantasies That Matter: Images of Sexwork in Media and Art‘, festival. It’s called ‘IMAGES OF SEX WORK’.


In addition to WATCH ME WORK i’ll be participating in Annie Sprinkle’s piece ‘RITUAL FOR THE WHORES‘, also to be taking part in  ‘Fantasies That Matter: Images of Sexwork in Media and Art‘, a part of Kampnagel‘s Internationales Sommerfestival on 09.08.2014.

The following morning I’ll be joining Annie Sprinkle, Carol Leigh aka Scarlot harlot and Eise Jocson at the festival’s closing discussion ‘SELF-REPRESENTATION: SEX WORK AND ART WORK’. The full festival program is here


Very proud to announce that my piece WATCH ME WORK will be featured at ‘Fantasies That Matter: Images of Sexwork in Media and Art‘, a very special part of Kampnagel‘s Internationales Sommerfestival. The show will take place on 09.08.2014 and more info can be found here.


I’ll be giving a lecture titled “USE YOUR BODY LIKE A WEAPON” at the ACC Galerie Weimar today, in which I’ll be discussing my work, art and activism. More details here.


I’ll be presenting a daylong seminar titled “USE YOUR BODY LIKE A WEAPON” which starts today, in which I’ll be discussing my work, art and activism, at the Art Academy of Tromso.


The Forward’s Martyna Starosta did a great video-article about me called “AVANT-GUARDE ALIYA TO BERLIN”. See it here and here.


 Alphanova & Galerie Futura published some documentation from my performance WATCH ME WORK, which happened this past month. Check out the photos here and here.


My performance WATCH ME WORK will be presented at Alphanova & Galerie Futura in Berlin today. It will be followed by a discussion about sex work. More details here.


Tamara Kramer’s radio program ‘Shtetl on the Shortwave‘s latest episode ‘BERLIN, GYPSY, JEWISH & GAY’ is based in Berlin, and it features an interview with yours truly. Check it out here or on the show’s itunes episode 35


A presentation of my performance WATCH ME WORK will be featured at Guerrilla Pornfare: Art and the Politics of Porn as a part of Performing Porn (after the computer became boring) event, in }performance space{ gallery in collaboration with CUNTemporary, London.


Presenting on the topic of homonationalism and pinkwashing in Israel-Palestine with Yossi Bartal at this year’s Marx is Muss Conference. see also here for the full listings.


My performance of WAS ÜBRIG BLEIBT/WHAT’S LEFT OF… recommended and reviewed by Missy Magazine and Zitty Magazine.


WAS ÜBRIG BLEIBT/WHAT’S LEFT OF… – an installation by Aurora Kellerman and a performance by yours truly about sex work in Berlin will return the Ballhaus Ost for additional showings on April 11, 12 and 14.

Lecturing at the Lafer Center for Gender Studies’ Conference “ON POWER AND CHOICE: A CRITICAL DISCUSSION ABOUT THE SEX INDUSTRY IN ISRAEL” at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem on March 6th. As a promo for the event, I was also interviewed at Gabi Gazit’s radio program on 103FM in Israel-Palestine.


WAS ÜBRIG BLEIBT/WHAT’S LEFT OF… reviewed by eNtR berlin


WAS ÜBRIG BLEIBT/WHAT’S LEFT OF… reviewed by Neues Deutchland newspaper


WAS ÜBRIG BLEIBT/WHAT’S LEFT OF… – an installation by Aurora Kellerman and a performance by Anita Groschen and yours truly about sex work in Berlin will premiere at Ballhaus Ost on February 1st with additional showings on February 2nd and 3rd.


972 Magazine listed a picture from my upcoming project DEMOCRACY IN ISRAEL (title pending) as one of the leading images from the Israeli Elections Day. See the picture here and here


Selected for a short residency at Berlin’s BALLHAUS OST in order to partake in the performance WAS ÜBRIG BLEIBT/WHAT’S LEFT (OF…) in early February. More information to follow.


Speaking at IN BED OFFSCREEN, a panel discussion about sex workers and their relationships with their partners at the 7th PORN FILM FESTIVAL BERLIN.




Speaking at WHY BERLIN?, a panel discussion about artists who moved to Berlin from Israel at the ISRAELI FILM FESTIVAL BERLIN


The film CONFLICT OF IDENTITY, in which I am featured, will premiere on 29.09.2012 at the Kotti Shop Gallery. The film is a part of the DESIDERATA-Berliner Festtage der Wünsche


Performing at THE LIDO Berlin, as a part of the BERLIN FEMME SHOW.


Annika Bunse of the BERLINER GAZETTE reviewed my performance ‘WATCH ME WORK’ and the accompanying panel ‘COMMERCIALIZING EROS’ which were featured on the 2012 TRANSMEDIALE PROGRAM.


so, i found out that my performance ‘WATCH ME WORK‘ has been reviewed by two blogs.

the first is thee blog BELLEZAINTRAMUSCULAR, which belongs to MARIA BALA.

the second is the blog GIRLSWHOLIKEPORNO of maria llopis.

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