cinema paradildo

cinema paradildo is a queer cultural evening (featuring film screenings, performances, a baked pastry and other assorted goodies) that took place every second saturday of the month during the year 2007.

it was  run collectively and not-for-profit by a queer, multigendered and polyamorous collective. each evening was dedicated to a different, queer-themed subject and  curated by a different person and held at a different place.

our first evening (december ’06), curated by liad, was dedicated to queering up heavy metal

the second (january), curated by ya’ir, told the story of israel’s pink revolution in the nineties

the third (february), curated by tamara, centered on home-made perversion

the fourth (march), curated by tammy, was devoted to morrissey as queer icon

the fifth (april), cock porn, at our joint curation, was a queer film screening event

the sixth (may), curated by liad and romm, was an outdoor community event and screening of the eurovision song contest

the seventh (june), meow to the occupation at our joint curation, was an outdoor event and march commemorating 40 years to the israeli occupation of the west bank and gaza

the eighth (august) , was curated by shirley, was an evening dedicated to queer animation

the ninth (september), was curated by ishay, and centered around the issue of facial hair

the tenth (november), was curated by sarit and commemorated judy garland as a history queer icon

the eleventh (december), was a joint curation that focused on the riot girl movement and feminism in punk